Thursday, January 15, 2015

Inaugural Post of a Millennial Misfit Zazzle Designer

After much anticipation, the long-awaited Zazzle blog from SenatorJPO has launched!

The official name of this blog is: SenatorJPO's Zazzle Designs and Observations. That is to attract search hits for SenatorJPO generally and for Zazzle specifically, all within one blog title.

The short names are SenatorJPO at BlogSpot (named after the URL), Zazzle Designs and Observations (after the expanded title of this blog), SenatorJPO's ZDO, or just plain ZDO. This facilitates publicity of this site within all types of communication, whether in trade publications or in vernacular forum speech.

The emphasis of ZDO is satirical kitsch informed by life as a meta-cognitively analytical Millennial misfit who makes the best of what seems to be no future. There will be also be designs inspired by stuff that just plain comes up, without prior inspiration.

Designs will be showcased with exclusive information, such as the stories that inspired the theme and some screen captures of how I worked around obstacles to practical publication within constraints of the Zazzle interface.

Other substantial material is an elaboration of my experience as a Zazzle designer or "Zazzler," including marketing experiments; sales ideation underlying my price points; and factors influencing my product release schedule.

ZDO is published approximately monthly. Schedule adjustments may arise -- because life happens.

Such time allowance balances my schedule and makes me relate-able to all those who work hourly jobs, the ones that don't afford the luxury of taking off. As an under-employed Millennial, I understand the working person's perspective and aspire to much more. This blog is but the next step!

For now, peruse the Zazzle Trade Union thread via the link in the bottom-right corner of this browser tab. It is an archive of the discussion that got me banned from the Zazzle forum -- but somehow not banned from contributing designs, selling products, or guest blogging!

My journey to ProSeller status has begun. Buckle your seat belts; for the acceleration from zero to $100 in monthly sales shall be intense!